Foot massage or foot massage It is a long and ancient science. Its origin is unclear. And there was evidence of foot massage.

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Foot massage or foot massage It is a long and ancient science. It’s origin is unclear and there was evidence of foot massage. Or foot reflexology in India and China in 5000 years before Christ. For foot reflexology in China It is believe to have been born with acupuncture acupressure. The discovery of a recording of a foot massage in Egypt also occurred in 2330 BC. Later in the 19th century, Discovere various points. On the palm of our hand that helps reduce numbness well. And these points are call zone therapy and are divide into 10 zones. These zones extend through the entire body from the head to the feet. And will help relieve pain in other organs that are in the same zone Later, Eunice Ingham discovere that The feet can respond on two acupressure points. More than hands Therefore, feet are use as therapy. And developed a diagram of the foot reflexology organs on the soles of the feet.

The emotional benefits of massage come from a reaction called relaxation.

The emotional benefits of massage come from a reaction called relaxation. It is an unconscious reaction cause by the nervous system to the touch of a massage. In this state, your muscles relax. Heart rate and breathing slow Blood pressure drops Slow production of stress hormones And it starts producing serotonin . So when your stress and anxiety decrease, Your mood will be more relaxed.

The physical effects of massage come from the soft tissues. (connective tissue and muscle tissue, tendons, ligaments) and increases blood flow and lymph flow during massage Your muscle tissue will relax. This will therefore reduce painful contractions and cramps. Muscle contractions are not always painful. But if it presses on the surrounding nerves, it will be painful. When this case occurs Muscles are unable to receive proper nutrition or function efficiently. Nerves are also unable to properly transmit information to allow organ and muscle function to function optimally. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

When you stand or sit for a long time Your muscles will contract and feel pain because when exposed to pressure and gravity, blood flow is damage. So your muscles have to work harder. but with the physical manipulation of muscles and other soft tissues By releasing chemicals, your body can relax and function normally. Blood flow and lymph flow are increase.

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