How to get the most benefit from eating tomatoes

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How to get the most benefit from eating tomatoes. Mostly, the way to eat vegetables If you want to get minerals and complete vitamins It usually has to be eaten raw. But eating tomatoes to get the most benefit. It must be cook first. 

This is because tomatoes that have been heat will easily cause the lycopene and tomato tissue to separate. The body can therefore use it better than without heat. Moreover, lycopene is well soluble in oil. 

Therefore, if we use oil to cook tomatoes, it will make the body absorb lycopene better. But that doesn’t mean that Eating raw tomatoes is not good because fresh tomatoes are also high in vitamin C. If you want high vitamin C to help nourish and make your skin good. 

But if you want your body to get a lot of lycopene. It is better to eat tomatoes that have already been heate.

Additionally, all women should eat fresh tomatoes. Because it will give you vitamin C. and a lot of dietary fiber Men should eat ripe tomatoes so that the body receives a lot of lycopene. It will help protect. Prostate cancer Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Tomato juice is a drink that has various properties. and has many important nutrients Especially in the matter of skin care. Tomato juice has become a drink that women are very fond of drinking. 

In addition to nourishing the skin, there are many other benefits. The important substance is “lycopene”  that is abundant in tomatoes. This is a substance that helps neutralize free radicals and is necessary in every stage of our lives.

Drinking fruit and vegetable juice Get the most benefit Should be drunk in the morning Because it’s a time at our body. It can absorb various nutrients the best and also helps the digestive system work well. If you don’t have enough time to prepare things, We can freeze the tomato juice. Make it easy to use. Including other ingredients or you can cut it into small pieces and freeze it. When you want to use it, take it out and ready to blend it. without needing to add ice It will be a menu. Tomato juice recipe that is extremely concentrate or if it is a liquid Can be divide and pour into an ice maker. can be channel When you want to use it, break it out into a lump. It’s convenient in another way as well.