Benefits of seaweed.

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From natural sources Seaweed is rich in dietary fiber. Rich in nutrients and minerals. It is thought that algae may be good for health. And can prevent various diseases such as cancer. With some studies studying various extracts from seaweed and found that. Those substances can destroy and slow the growth of cancer cells. Especially Fucoidan extracted from brown seaweed. May also have anti-cancer effects against colon cancer and breast cancer .

One study looking at the relationship between cancer and algae in mice found that. UFABET After receiving algae as a dietary supplement. Mice had a 25-38 % reduction in the number of estrogen involved in the growth of breast cancer cells and an 18-35 % reduction in estrogen production. According to the supplementation dose seaweed as well.

despite the positive results But the research above is just an animal experiment. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that algae consumption reduces the risk of cancer in humans. There is currently insufficient scientific evidence to support the efficacy of algae in cancer prevention. So further research is needed to confirm this hypothesis. Especially should be studied in humans. In order to get clear results and the highest benefit in medicine.  

A heaping scoop of seaweed has only 4 calories and contains  lots of calcium, iron, fiber, folate, magnesium and iodine. But without protein, carbohydrates and fat, and in seaweed extract, there are various substances that are beneficial to the body.