Carnacho announces he’s a young father.

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Alejandro Carnacho the young winger of Manchester United gives good news on social media. Media confirmed a few days after signing a new contract to June 2028 that. He and his girlfriend were expecting a son together. Ready to open their eyes to see the world in this era

The 18-year-old posted a series of photos via Instagram account @garnacho7 , celebrating girlfriend Eva Garcia’s unborn child. One of whom was suspected to be a son because of a jersey. United screen number #49 Phasakul Carnacho on the back.

The young footballer joined the ‘Red Devils’ since the age of 16 in 2020, having chosen the name of the first successor Enzo. 

“When Life Begins and Love Never Ends.” Carnacho said in Spanish. 

“Planning for the baby to be born. I want you to know that. I have filled my life with love and excitement.”

“We can’t describe what the feeling of being fulfilled is in our great dreams together.” UFABET

“We are counting down to meet you. Your parents love you very much since you haven’t forgotten about the world, Enzo.” 

Garcia has been a fan of Garnacho since he was a teenager. Have the status of a high school student Choose to travel back and forth between mansions in Cheshire with your sweetheart. And his hometown where he lived with his family in Spain.