casino vocabulary Popularly called, it’s also easy to make money.

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casino vocabulary Popularly call, It’s also easy to make money.

In online gambling games that are open to play on the number one gambling website. There will be many games to choose from. And each game has different rules, rules, methods of playing, including the use of online casino terms. Only games as well This is very important in placing bets. It also allows you to bet quickly and accurately. Make great profits with your favorite casino games. Not just a casino There are also slot games. That can make money easily. Including terms related to other forms of gambling for everyone to study together

Baccarat Vocabulary

For popular card games such as online baccarat. It is consider a card game that is easy to play using simple card vocabulary. Which has a method of playing that is similar to other card games. The difference is only a few rules. The terms use will use for both Baccarat and Baccarat Speed, consisting of

  • Dealer (dealer): is the person in charge of dealing cards.
  • Banker : bet on the banker side is the winner.
  • Player: bet on the player’s side to be the winner.
  • TIE (Tie) : Predict the cards of both sides having equal or equal points.
  • Banker Pair : Predict the first 2 cards of the banker’s side to be of the same value.
  • Player Pair : Predict the first 2 cards of the player’s side with the same rank.
  • Big (Big) : Predict if the 3rd card of both sides is drawn.
  • Small (Small) : Predict no 3rd card is drawn.

roulette vocabulary

Casino vocabulary for playing roulette Lucky. wheel game that is popular abroad and in Thailand. Because it’s a fun casino game. There are a variety of betting options to choose from. High payout rate and worth the investment. You can also use various techniques to help you have the opportunity to make money more easily. For this reason many gamblers choose to play roulette a lot. Play at all tables

  • French wheel (French wheel): a roulette wheel used to spin. to randomly lose-win
  • Colum bet : This is horizontal bet on entire row.
  • Inside bet (Inside bet) : betting on numbers
  • Outside bet (Outside bet): All types of bets. Except for numeric bets
  • Street : Vertical bet.
  • Corner bet (Corner bet): Bet on 4 consecutive numbers.
  • Dozens : Bet on 12 consecutive numbers.
  • Green number : Bet on the number 0 or 00.
  • Single number : Bet on a single number. or bet number
  • Red – Black (Red-Black) : bet on the red or black channel.
  • High – Low (High-Low): bet on numbers with high or low numbers.
  • Odd – Even (Odd): bet on a number that is even or odd.

Online Slots Vocabulary

Online gambling website UFABET  offers more than 100 slot games and also has a variety of leading camps to choose from to play as you like. Be able to place bets to enjoy all day long. If you have a low budget, you can win big prizes as well. The terms used in playing slots For a novice to play, it consists of

  • Line Bet (Line Bet): A box used to display the number of lines from winning prizes.
  • Lines: The number of lines used in play. Some games will be able to choose the number of winning lines. The more lines you add, the higher your chances of winning.
  • Balance : The amount of money or credit the player has.
  • Win (Win or Win): A box that shows the amount of money from the winning slot.
  • Total Bet (Total Bet): The box shows the amount used to bet.
  • Paytable : Button informs the details of the game, showing the winning line rewards, bonuses and features.
  • Max Bet : Button for placing bets on the highest amount.
  • Spin : Button used to spin the wheel. or start playing games
  • Auto Spin : Button for playing slots automatically. will perform several consecutive spins by setting the number of spins