Differences of folk Hi-Lo vs Sic bo online

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Differences of folk Hi-Lo vs Sic bo online

Folk Hi-Lo is actually playing, setting up a Hi-Lo circle by using 3 dice, Pan Hi-Lo or a betting area with the Hi-Lo dealer shaking. Who will pour the Hi-Lo plate? It can be pour after shaking. Depending on The dealer will also give Shake and listen to the sound of the dice ball not. The most popular games at UFABET

But in order play safe. It must be play at the casino only. Which during the Covid-19 outbreak close the country like. It’s actually a bit difficult to play. If you want to set up a band to play with each other

Sic Bo’s secret that had never told before

Sic Bo has to choose Listen to the sound of shaking the Hi-Lo. Some of them have a listening device for the Hi-Lo sound. Which of course cannot be use with Sic Bo online. Because bets must be place at the specified time. After that, the dealer will press the button. Shake the zigbo, which is exactly what will help you get that money. Techniques for playing online bets Back to Basic or looking at the statistics of past results Where will you go? If it’s looking to make money online, it’s not difficult.

How many types of online dice games are there and what are the payout rates?

  • Betting on numbers, or as we call them, bet on the number 1-6, if correct, will pay 1 time according to the number of dice. If the same 2 balls are issue. Then pay double according number full faces, dice.
  • Tod Hi-Lo, or as we call it Bets on two numbers per 1 bet will have a payout rate of 5 times.
  • High bet, points between 11-18 or low bets. Points between 3-10 will be paid 1 time, high bet, minimum 25 baht
  • Even bet or odd bet is to predict the sum of the numbers in front of the points will come out, even or even points, if correct, pay 1 time
  • Total Tong bet is to predict the number of points in front of an unspecified number, pays 24 times
  • Tang Tong specify the number. If the point straight. It’s rich because dice bet pays 150 time high.
  • Bet on total scores, dice balls, there are many numbers to choose from as follows.
    • Guess the point 9,10,11,12, if it matches, it pays 6 times.
    • Predict the score will be 8,13, the payout rate is 8 times.
    • Guess the number 7,14, payout rate 12 times
    • On numbers 6,15 with 14 times payout
    • Bet on points 5, 16, payout rate 18 times
    • Bet on the dice ball with points 4 and 17 with a payout rate of up to 50 times.