Henry-Richards Names Two Teams Mbappe Should Choose Over Real Madrid

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Henry-Richards Names Two Teams Mbappe Should Choose Over Real Madrid

Two English Premier League legends Micah Richards & Thierry Henry have agreed. That Kylian Mbappe should not decide to join Real Madrid. According to rumors. But should go to Man. Chester City or Liverpool is better.

“I definitely disagree if Mbappe is considering moving from PSG to Real Madrid. I had previously spoken to Thierry Henry that perhaps he had made a decision,” said Ri. Shards told UFABET.

“Assuming if I were Mbappe. Then the only two teams that deserve it are Man City & Liverpool. Because they have been strong and have maintain the most consistent playing standards in Europe over the last few years.”

“Okay, maybe a lot of people will joke that Man City are not that great because they haven’t won the UCL, but that’s not a problem. because when you look at the style of play Guidelines for creating an attack game A philosophy that has been handed down by manager Pep Guardiola, would you dare say that they are not really good at it?”

“Since Pep came in as manager, Man City has raised the level of quality. Pitchfork has so many points that it has become the history of the English Premier League. While Liverpool is the only team that can compete consistently every year. And also won a different championship.”

When Richards finished speaking, Henry, who was sitting next to him, immediately added:

“Today, there are still footballers who choose to play for their favorite team. They have always been huge fans. So when I have a chance, I want to play with it once. Which I really understand this feeling and don’t judge whether it’s right or wrong,” said Henry.

“While we would love to see Mbappe decide to sign for the team that best suits him. Like Man City or Liverpool perhaps. He doesn’t even care which team is the best in Europe at the moment because. The image of himself who used to support Madrid since childhood is still stuck. If he really made a decision, it would probably be because of this.”