Lallana has opened up about Luis Diaz

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Lallana has opened up about Luis Diaz. The new star player who recently move to Liverpool.

Former Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana has revealed how he feels about new signing Luis Diaz, who has shown impressive performances without wasting time adjusting. moved to join the Reds in January

“To be honest, even me who supported Liverpool since I was a kid and spent many years playing at the club still can’t believe Luis Diaz has settled in so quickly,” Lallana told the UFABET.

“All of us on the team know that. Football fans around the world also know that Liverpool is not a team that you can move in and adapt right away. Because the style of play and the philosophy of manager Jurgen Klopp are extraordinary.”

“Another important issue is language. Because I don’t know how good Diaz speaks English. But as far as I’ve heard, it’s not very fluent. Therefore, moving to a foreign trade that he is not familiar with. It is also during the season that the competition is fiercely contested and performs this well. I consider it a phenomenon that has shaken up the football world.”

“I was one of those who attended the Carabao Cup final at Wembley Stadium. This is the first time to see Diaz playing live with his own eyes. He is truly the best performer. The rhythms of different roots are unbelievably perfect.”

“And the fact that I didn’t even know Luis Diaz’s name until he signed for Liverpool is a huge shame for me who has been in football for so long. He is good enough to be the main character for our team for sure. And with a price of only 50 million pounds, but got people who are as good as Salah, Mane, Firmino, Jota to add to the army It is truly the best deal.”