Tuchel insists Chelsea won’t give up on the pitch

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Tuchel insists Chelsea won’t give up on the pitch Even off the field is full of uncertainty.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel insists they will continue to fight until the end. Amid the sanctions imposed by owner Roman Abramovich, the club has had a number of impacts on the club at the moment.

Chelsea are in chaotic off-field situations over sanctions against Roman Abramovich by the British government over Russia-Ukraine cases. that continues and affect the club in terms of work And earning a lot of money, most recently, they lost 3 (three) team sponsors. from requesting to temporarily stop supporting the team to support the policies of the British government

“As long as we still have the jerseys. There is a bus for getting on and playing. we will go there and accomplish our duty We will work together the next day. Don’t look back on the past And we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Of course now there is an issue. And is widely discuss and it affects. The news that comes out is so big that. We still don’t know how big it will be for us. We cannot predict anything.”

“Regarding the owners and the finances. I’m not sure what is going to happen. I’m worried but not panicking. Everything can change day by day. But still happy to be the manager of this strong team.” Thomas Tuchel told UFABET

Chelsea are still on track to feature in three competitions: the Premier League, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League.