Tuchel to leave Chelsea to help Manchester United return to greatness

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Tuchel to leave Chelsea to help Manchester United return to greatness

Jamie Carragher Backed Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel’s decision to leave as Manchester United manager next season after rumors arose amid the British government’s decision to freeze Roman Abramovich’s assets. g

“It’s clear that the big goal of Manchester United is to lift the team up and back to dominate. So they need a manager who is good enough to make that dream come true in the next few years.”

“And from my point of view No one is better than Thomas Tuchel,” Carra wrote in her column for UFABET.

“Given the situation with Chelsea currently being facing a slew of sanctions from the British government, Manchester United are holding back talks with all their coaches to see if there is a possibility of a potential transfer to Tuchel, according to rumours. Because if everything is according to rumors Well, no one is as good as this.”

“Currently Tuchel is the best football manager in the world. He recently received the FIFA Coach of the Year award. Please tell me if you think. Who is better suite for Man United than this man.

“However, Tuchel is just like the previous former Chelsea managers. Because no matter how successful. He is there’s a chance he’ll be sack in mid-air. If his performance isn’t in the eyes of the club’s owners.”

“Meaning is He surely felt deep down that his future at this club was never certain for a second. Therefore, they may be looking for a more stable and suitable job.”