Van der Vaart reveals why he turned down from Liverpool

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Van der Vaart reveals why he turned down from Liverpool. When he was a teenager

Rafael van der Vaart, the legendary midfielder of the Netherlands national team. Agreed to reveal what was the reason for his refusal to move from Ajax Amsterdam to join Liverpool at the age of 18.

“When I was about 18 and still a young Ajax player, someone called me asking me to join, that man was Gerrard Houllier. Fart told UFABET.

“But since I’m still very young. So I don’t feel that it’s important to sign with Liverpool. It’s okay to move or not move. It’s not something that needs to be taken care of at all. Because everything is going well with Ajax.”

“But the real reason for this is that I’m someone who likes to eat Dutch sausages. (Frikandeltjes) that my mother made a lot. It can be called addictive. Therefore, if we have to move to work abroad, we will definitely not be eating again.”

“It might sound funny. But it’s one of the reasons why I feel like it’s not time to move teams. Then Houllier replied, “No, no, I don’t want to sign for Liverpool right now, let me grow up with Ajax.”

“Of course Houllier is very disappointed with that. because he was the one who directly contacted me I thank you for your interest and sincerity to each other. But I really don’t want to play for Liverpool.”